WHO Class Types

Gentle Yoga

In The Oasis Gentle Yoga class, you’ll be grounded into the room through one of various breathing or meditation techniques. You’ll be asked to love yourself by taking things slow, being kind with yourself and where your body actually wants to go. After the opening meditation, and gentle series which will include little to no standing poses, you’ll finish with a wonderfully deep, relaxing meditation at the end, known commonly as Savasana or Yoga Nidra.

All Level Yoga

In All Level Yoga, the tempo will be slightly more upbeat than our Gentle series. We will start with a breathing exercise/meditation to help let go of the previous and future junk that we run around with so that you can fully enter your practice and get the most benefit for you. The poses will be compatible to all levels of yogis as well as modifications set for all challenging poses. You will break a sweat; flex and stretch all you muscles helping you on your road to inner peace and balance.

Osho Active Meditation

Osho Active Meditations were created for Modern Man, a man who is used to dealing with an insanely wide variety of tasks with the same 24 hours in a day. Trying to sit down and be silent after a day like ours’ is like trying to calm a bull by grabbing it by the horns, no wonder ancient meditative techniques don’t work for you.. Active meditations were developed with multiple stages to help direct our energies in a more conducive way so we can actually be silent for a last stage at the end of each meditation. The meditations will leave you feeling lighter and looser; at peace with yourselves and others; more connected with your body and inner being; relieved of aches and pains; and all around more equipped to deal with your day to day life.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a deep stretching practice that goes beyond muscle flexibility and delves into the tension created around the joints. The longer holds in this transformational practice allow for connective tissues to release and revive. This is an excellent style of yoga to compliment any physically-demanding exercise or lifestyle.